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Established in 1993, Group One Builders Inc. is a build-to-suit luxury home construction firm based in Gold River, California. Owners Michael Robinson and Ian Worley have used their many years of combined hands-on design and construction experience to complete over 200 luxury homes throughout the greater Sacramento area, including award-winning homes in several “Street of Dreams” home showcases. Michael and Ian take a creative approach to problem solving, combining their excellent design sense with practical, real-world construction experience and an intimate knowledge of construction techniques, materials and cutting-edge products.

Ian and Michael have guided Group One’s growth through a common philosophy of constant improvement. Building great homes begins with building great relationships. Building a great relationship starts with communication. Their commitment to the evolution and fine-tuning of the various systems used throughout the design and building process is rooted therein -- the constant improvement of communication.“Unlike the homes we build,” states Michael, “it’s a process that will never be complete – there is always something we can do better, and our entire staff is committed to continually looking for those things”. Group One’s systemized approach has been carefully designed to remove the stress from the decision making process -- structured enough to keep you focused, while flexible enough to avoid crowding your personal creativity. To work effectively, this must include everyone involved in the process, every client, subcontractor, supplier and staff member.

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Both Michael and Ian began their building careers as young tradesmen, learning and understanding the craft, both with a strong desire to excel at what they were doing. Michael grew up near Anchorage, Alaska, where his experiences as a framing carpenter, construction manager and general contractor formed the foundation of his vast knowledge and experience in residential building. His natural energy and drive eventually brought Michael and his family to California, where he put his diverse skills to work as general contractor in the Sacramento area.

Ian grew up in the Sacramento area, and found an early aptitude for design and woodworking, building musical instruments, furniture and cabinetry. He utilized these skills working as a finish carpenter, project manager and general contractor. Later Ian was lead designer for a custom home builder, studying architecture and design while strengthening his practical experience on the job.

Ian and Michael met in 1987 when both were employed by a custom home builder in Sacramento. During this time they worked together, refining their knowledge and expertise, defining their different roles, and developing the management and production systems that have become the hallmark of Group One's reputation.

In time, Michael and Ian found themselves looking for the opportunity to branch out and take their skills and experience to higher level. In April 1993 they founded Group One, and set their sights on a simple common goal -- to excel at their craft. Through careful planning, Group One Builders has grown steadily in the years since, and the development and refinement of their various systems has continued as well. Now, many years later, they have well-established, long-term working relationships with a top-notch staff and a large network of quality subcontractors and suppliers. The entire process is approached as a team effort, and the continual development of these relationships is based on a common philosophy embracing mutual respect, pride and creativity.

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Group One Team

Since Group One's inception, their team has grown steadily to meet the needs of their clients. Together, their diverse perspectives and experiences form a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts - creating beautiful yet practical designs, with solid construction practices and a first rate attention to detail. This talented team of professionals has completed residences for scores of satisfied families throughout the greater Sacramento area, earning them a well deserved reputation for excellence in design and building. The key team members are:

Ian Worley, Principal

As Lead Designer, Ian works one-on-one with each client from introduction, through design, planning, project specifications, budgeting and permitting, until each home is ready for construction. Ian recognized long ago that, in order to truly understand a client's need and wants, he must first build a trusting relationship with them. His ability to listen and combine the practical necessities of a modern family's daily life with the timeless beauty of a myriad of traditional and contemporary architectural styles is showcased in scores of unique Group One homes. Ian's construction background provides a solid basis for the practical aspects of design, which compliments his natural creativity and experienced sense for architectural balance and proportion.

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Michael Robinson, Principal

As Director of Construction, Michael oversees all of Group One's building operations and its Project Managers. He is the one-on-one liaison between the client and the production staff throughout construction, guiding and coordinating the decision making process. Michael's boundless energy and positive "can do" attitude make working with him a joy. This, combined with his excellent communication skills, vast experience and creativity make for a most productive, fun and efficient working relationship. Michael has a keen interest in the latest technological advances, and continues to stay abreast of new trends in home entertainment, automation, indoor air quality and other important issues affecting today's homes.

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Lee Robinson, Office Manager

Lee has been with Group One since its inception (and has been married to Michael since 1980!). Lee oversees all of the day-to-day functions within the office, as well managing all of the company's accounts payable and receivable. She is responsible for maintaining detailed records for each project, and tracking the numerous pertinent details involved in each project outside of the normal day-to-day construction activities.

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on a System

There has never been a shortage of talented and creative tradespeople in the building industry, but the thing both Ian and Michael recognized was the lack of focus and organization that caused so many to struggle. Not only were these talented builders and tradespeople struggling, but so were their clients, and it all seemed to stem from a simple lack of communication. The horror stories in the industry as a whole were far too common -- cost overruns, liens, poor quality control, surprise after surprise. By constantly .

The foundation to this system is rooted in education -- removing the mystery and doubt from a process that may be completely foreign to a client. This should be the first job of any design or building professional. Instead of shielding their clients from the intricacies of the process, empower them with knowledge. Group One seeks to educate their clients in the language of construction, while endeavoring to communicate in the language of the real world. The benefit for all is effective communication, and this the cornerstone of any successful relationship. The quality of the relationship between client and contractor, or contractor and subcontractor can spell the difference between an exciting and enjoyable building experience, and one you might rather have avoided. Communication within a clearly defined framework makes the process more efficient, less stressful -- an artful blend of the intimate attention to detail, and efficient, timely project scheduling and completion.

The same basic guidelines apply to most any situation, whether it is preparing a bid on your finished building plans, working with you as a team along with an outside Architect or Interior Designer, or working directly with you from the start on a complete design/build package -- detailed plans and specifications are the key. By clearly defining all the various materials, finishes and details, before we start, the possibility for misunderstandings is virtually eliminated. This frees your mind (and ours) to focus on the important details and decisions that will ultimately define your unique home. Integral to our philosophy is this on-going commitment to communication, and to providing the highest quality personal service, and efficient, well-organized processes from design through completion. This starts with listening to you.

If our years of experience have taught us anything, it is that a happy customer is the only kind of customer to have. We feel very fortunate to have so many happy customers, and the ability to say that we truly love our jobs -- we really enjoy designing and building homes, and this is due in large part to the diverse experiences and personal relationships that have developed along the way.

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License and
Insurance Information

Group One Builders Inc. and each of its subcontractors are fully licensed, bonded and insured as is required by law. You may check the status of any California licensed contractor online here

  • California State Contractor's License Number:668907 (class "B" issued 4/8/1993)
  • General/Public Liability Insurance carrier: Financial Pacific Insurance
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance carrier: Everest National
  • Contractor's License Bond carrier: Surety Company of the Pacific